About us

Created in 2003, Panoratio is a spin-off of German industry giant Siemens that is dedicated to the delivery of big data analytics applications for B-to-B solution providers.

Big Data as a Service for B-to-B Solution Providers

About us

Our mission statement:

We accelerate the delivery of customized prescriptive analytics applications into decision-making platforms to support business experts.

Specializing in the predictive and prescriptive analysis of large volumes of heterogeneous data, Panoratio partners with providers to deliver a unique Big- Data-as-a-Service (BDAAS) approach to rapidly build up customer services and/or solutions in the areas of strategy and innovation, based on the automated analysis of their customers’ data.

To do so, Panoratio has developed a unique platform and process to generate and design new services based on data and information correlation engine.

  • Unique agility, speed, prediction and prototyping capabilities
  • Role and added value of experts
  • Integration of R&D team within the sales cycle

Panoratio’s business model is simple and straightforward: we devote 100% of our time to developing our Panoratio BDAAS platform and creating Big Data analytics applications that directly support our consulting and managed services partners. This channel sales model allows us to remain focused on our core competency while providing the highest value for our partners and their customers.

Originally focused on the insurance and pharmaceutical industries, Panoratio’s customer base has expanded to include partnerships with data-driven solution providers such as audit and financial services companies, marketing strategy consulting organizations, and retail and telecommunications providers.

Panoratio is headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in Boston, MA and Munich, Germany.

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