Implementation Partners

Panoratio works closely with business partners to provides them with a complete Big Data prospective for their customers projects.

In addition, Panoratio collaborates with implementation partners to remain focused on our core competency while providing the highest value for our business partners and their customers.

We bundle our core competencies with those of other complementary players to fully address the needs of our business partners and customers. To this end, we have established implementation partnerships with industry and technology consultants to provide innovative solutions.



Amazon Web Services offers a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run virtually everything in the cloud: from enterprise applications and big data projects to social games and mobile apps.

One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the opportunity to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses with low variable costs that scale with your business.

Business Infrastructure Management

BIM, the Swiss Engineering Company for IT and innovation, with customers in Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharma, Telecom and Retail—rounds out their Business Pattern Recognition expertise with the PANOsight self-service analytics platform. Together, they deliver authoritative results that enable companies to accurately optimize their most strategically competitive business factors: Operations, Risk, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing and Fraud.


IBM Global Technology Services and Panoratio’s strong partnership offer Panoratio’s products as a full-service solution to our customers worldwide. IBM’s experienced and highly-skilled project professionals, architects and consultants deliver those solutions on-site to our customers.

With IBM’s unique experience in complex IT infrastructure projects and Panoratio’s market-leading products, this partnership enables us to perfectly respond to our clients’ needs in the area of performance management, process optimization and data warehousing. With IBM’s offering, Vendor Solution Services (VSS), it is possible to integrate Panoratio’s unique products and IBM’s professional services in one project.

IBM Global Technology Services is the world’s largest information technology services provider. Some 190,000 professionals in more than 160 countries help clients integrate information technology with business value – from strategic outsourcing, infrastructure solutions, technology design and training services. Leveraging IBM’s unequaled scope and scale, IBM Global Technology Services delivers integrated, flexible and resilient processes—across companies and through business partners—that enable clients to innovate, lower costs and transform their businesses.