Panoratio is focused in addressing the business challenges of innovation: we see Big Data Analytics as a means for business people to integrate big data and small details, i.e. real-world, real-time data in their analysis — to get relevant results.

A Strategic Perspective of Big Data to Serve Business

Panoratio enables business strategists to calculate and analyze huge volumes of data in a highly compressed format, bringing a next generation of Big Data predictive and prescriptive analytics to markets and companies facing game-changing innovation and transformation.

Our customers help us demonstrate that when facing unknown territory, they are confident only with fact-based results — calculated using advanced mathematical algorithms in an in-memory capacity.

Today, our self-service advanced analytics technology enables our partners to quickly and easily develop and implement the pattern-based simulation platform their customers require to detect leading indicators of change, test-drive scenarios, optimize business models — and proactively manage pending transformation.

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Big Data as a Service: The transformation challenge

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