Analytics Applications

Panoratio is dedicated to accelerate the delivery of customized prescriptive analytics applications into decision-making platforms to support business solution providers.

Transforming Data into Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Panoratio’s expertise focuses on supporting and enabling suppliers who are innovators in their industry—suppliers who face rapidly changing business demands and ongoing transformation.
  • To fast & cost effectively fuse data from multiple and heterogeneous sources
  • To discover new patterns and enable optimization using our investigative PDI-explorer
  • To turn information into possible actions through predictive modeling
To do so, Panoratio develop for B2B solution providers custom big data analytics applications that help their clients proactively manage agile business conditions and make confident, fully-informed data-driven decisions that drive their companies forward. To accelerate the delivery of customer solutions, Panoratio provides standard applications for dedicated industry solutions that can be adapted to each solution provider context. Specific applications can also be built on demand.