Big Data as a Service

Panoratio Big Data as a Service enables you to benefit fast from custom big data analytics applications for your customers to take advantage of their data to make forward-looking valid decisions and organized actions after measuring impact of the transformation they are facing.

The Transformation Challenge

The transformation challenge picture

Faced with legal or structural business change but benefiting from large historical volumes of Big Data from multiple sources, one of a manager’s greatest challenges is to understand resultant trends in order to continually adapt to agile business demands and market uncertainty. In highly competitive environments, providing clarity, simplifying complexity and identifying viable strategic directions that make sense for your clients is a way to offer new services, strengthen trust and deepen relationships.

Panoratio Big Data Analytics applications enable you to:

  • Handle large volumes and varieties of data and reconcile all of them quickly
  • Provide true, unbiased information about the ways customers or other entities behave
  • Inform perspective and show context about organizational interdependencies
  • Identify leverage points to mitigate business risks and amplify performance gains

Based on a sophisticated big data analysis engine, resulting from more than 10 years experience within the insurance and pharmaceutical industry, Panoratio quickly handles large volumes and variety of structured data, to perform on demand, complex, in-memory analysis on multiple large data sets.

The Panoratio Big Data as a Service (BDAAS) platform integrates all big data analytics disciplines as required to build your own custom applications and adapt them to each customer environment:

  • heterogenous format data import
  • in-memory pattern-based
  • cluster for grouping or model iteration
  • data vizualisation tools
  • forward looking analysis
  • advanced, predictive and prescriptive modeling capabilities

In short, Panoratio gives you the ability to leverage Big Data to uniquely understand business processes and customer behavior across disparate but related data sets—identifying discrepancies and driving innovative strategies to satisfy your client base.

Panoratio BDAAS (Big Data-as-a-Service) gives your business a key differentiator for offering innovative strategic services to business executives.

Panoratio BDAAS

Panoratio Big Data as a Service (BDAAS) platform integrates complete prospective big data analytics capabilities to support the fast development of big data analytics applications  that can be sources of innovative strategic customer services for B2B solution providers.


Easy Big Data Implementation

Panoratio BDAAS platform means easy Big Data analytics implementation – providing business experts with customized big data prescriptive analytics applications and decision-making result platforms that they need to extend their customer services and/or systems in a very short term perspective.



Panoratio provides big data analytics solutions full of expert knowledge and opportunity. It means dozen years of proven experience, with long-term commercial relation to data brockers and many B2B partner BDAAS run internationally.