Panoratio provides big data analytics solutions full of expert knowledge and opportunity. It means dozen years of proven experience, with long-term commercial relation to data brockers and many B2B partner BDAAS run internationally.

An Increased Value Proposition for Solution Providers

Panoratio Big Data Analytics Benefits

Panoratio Big Data Analytics Benefits

Simple and Fast implementation

Panoratio BDAAS is provided through a SaaS online service. Panoratio analytics platform does not require any installation on customer premises. Because it relies on a simple copy of production data, the process is not invasive, minimizing the involvement of IT departments. This ensures that you keep control over the customer project.
If data security requires it, the process can be handled by servers within your organization and be fed only with incremental data updates rather than complete replication in the cloud.

Smart and Innovative

Once you’ve identified the leverage points and implement operational changes, you can immediately monitor the impacts of those decisions, giving you the opportunity to adjust the measures.
In addition, you will identify new business opportunities outside of the scope of the original project scope with your client—giving you the potential to sell additional services.

Visible and usable in the company

Panoratio big data analytics applications provide a global federated vision of your customer data, and enables the strategic perspective that is required by top executives for organizing the operational management of their activities (e.g., where to cut costs, how to optimize procurement, how to improve customer retention, etc.).
You can engage in a continuous business process with your clients, with regular updates in the form of reports, evaluations and new ideas.
This ability also gives you the necessary oversight of your clients’ revenue streams—allowing you to use new pricing options outside of the classical, project-based consulting approach—and moving you towards an outcome-dependent, continuous pay-as-you-go service structure.

Cost effective and accessible

Compared to expensive solutions proposed by other software organizations, Panoratio’s pricing model adapts to the solution provider business, and works for the end-customer.
Specializing in Big Data analytics, Panoratio provides a complete solution that can be easily embedded in a customer package and/or service. As a solution provider, you can rely on Panoratio’s high-quality business analytics expertise, without needing to hire and train costly new technical experts.

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