Easy Big Data Implementation

Panoratio BDAAS platform means easy Big Data analytics implementation – providing business experts with customized big data prescriptive analytics applications and decision-making result platforms that they need to extend their customer services and/or systems in a very short term perspective.

Time to Result: A Pragmatic and Iterative Approach

Panoratio’s analytics applications are developed through a simple and iterative process. It ensures the availability of a rapid application prototype that provides your business analysts with the easiest way to do data inquiry and explore all its hidden relationships.

The prototype can be used as a demonstration to engage the customer as early as possible in the process. It makes it possible to demonstrate a proof of concept with limited timeframe and budget, and further define the specifications of the business solution that you need.

The process is iterative: from data import to result presentation, it facilitates the delivery of business-driven results with the active involvement of your business experts.

big data analytics application delivery iterative process

Data Import and Delivery Process

The initial data import feeds Panoratio’s big data analytics engine with all available data, including all possible details and characteristics.
The ability to automatically exploit all the data very quickly suppresses the performance issues often caused by having to create subsets of data. 
Because the analysis is performed on the entirety of the data, it identifies relationships that were previously unknown and invisible.

Data Model and Extended pattern-based Investigation

A first analysis of your customer data performed jointly with Panoratio experts allows you to identify reconciliation axes, and to create a data model that will be used as a baseline reference model for future analyses, including reporting as required by your business experts, depending on customer priorities.
Once the data is uploaded and the data model established, all customer data remains readily available for drill-down analysis to meet your business experts’ requests as they discover new directions to explore. New data is simply appended to existing data, enriching the customer data set and strengthening the conclusions.
You can perform data analysis as required by your business experts, and as new directions appear you can easily satisfy additional requests for in-depth analysis.

Data Analytics: Solution Result Presentation

Once the solution is set, we work with your business experts to present results in clear adapted visuals the effectiveness of the monitored topics. Panoratio generators can produce analytics results in complete (cool) dashboards that you can integrate in your own applications if needed or provide through a custom result portal.
Your customers benefit from a prospective perspective that will become richer and richer as long as the history of data will be more important.

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