Panoratio BDAAS

Panoratio Big Data as a Service (BDAAS) platform integrates complete prospective big data analytics capabilities to support the fast development of big data analytics applications that can be sources of innovative strategic customer services for B2B solution providers.

Predictive Analysis for Revenue-Generating Strategic Customer Services

In order to manage transformation proactively, Panoratio BDAAS platform integrates complete Big Data prospective analytics capabilities to speed up the delivery of analytics applications to B-to-B solution providers. Our predictive and prospective analytics applications guide business strategists as they detect leading indicators of change, incorporate simulation tools to test-drive scenarios in real-time, and deploy sophisticated optimization tools to determine the most optimal (and profitable) outcomes.

Strategic Big Data Prospective Analytics

Strategic Big Data Prospective Analytics

Illuminate strategic directions for your customers: The benefit of a global vision on data

Panoratio analytics applications provide independent and complete Big Data descriptive and investigative analytics capabilities and ensure rapid business simulations—for multiple iterative service opportunities.

Panoratio vizualization tools allow you to drill down into data and explore diverse in-depth analysis in a nutshell.

This is the first benefit of Panoratio big data analytics applications: they consolidate all of your data, including internal and external data, structured data (files and databases) and text (including all details and history) in a single location.

Through dynamic interactions with your customer production applications (ERP, CRM, Marketing automation, etc.), they can transform all heterogeneous and usually widely-distributed data into automatically updated and directly accessible information that provides a complete view of reality.

Thousands of data and all the details can be combined to form a complete perspective. Through this you will gain both a global, consolidated view and an in-depth, detailed close-up, thus providing a full description of your customer data.

With Panoratio, you can give your customers the absolute big data analytics they need to understand their customer behavior and compare diverse sources of data—so they can easily adjust priorities and see impacts and interdependencies from anywhere, at anytime. This creates a new level of business relationship, making you the provider of choice for business intelligence because of superior response times and the ability to provide real-world, real-time knowledge.

Develop new customer services based on innovation: Take advantage of Big Data predictive and prospective analytics.

Panoratio prescriptive analytics applications bring together advanced modeling capabilities and simulations of multiple scenarios that enable decision-makers to decide on actions based on tangible information and evident business trends.

This is how prescriptive big data analytics applications will turn into cost-effective solutions for your business.

This is particularly useful in the context of strategic analysis: you have the ability to discover and define directions for your customers that make sense, without requiring the continuous reimplementation of a complex operational data analysis system.

As a consulting organization, you can create your own Big Data analysis “center of excellence” and use it as a highly accurate strategic dashboard for your experts to optimally understand your customer environments—and confidently recommend directions, dependencies and decisions for your clients.

As a solution provider, you can take advantage of all hidden customer data to provide business managers with the analytics applications including dynamic forward looking analysis reports they are looking for to understand customer behaviors and product effectiveness, address business questions and make valid decisions.

Ensure customization of customer services: Adapt your presentation to the client environment

Panoratio big data analytics applications integrate the perspective of any business user, and easily and quickly create new patterns and models to fit with any business concern. Moreover, their links with performance and optimization initiatives provide you with unique value.

A first analysis of your customer data performed collaboratively with Panoratio experts allows you to identify reconciliation axes, and create first data models that can be used for flash data diagnosis and serve as a baseline reference model for future analyses.

Analytics reports are provided through a web platform , including reporting as required by your business experts and aligned with your customer priorities. Analysis results can be provided on-demand as required.

From simple spreadsheets to sophisticated big data analytics modeling and dashboards graphics, including Apps for mobile devices, analytics applications can be customized and made available online to your customers.

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