Case Study – A web platform matching freelancers and businesses extends its services line-up with Panoratio

A web company operates an online platform that showcases the skills of qualified freelancers in the areas of IT, engineering, marketing, finance, and more, so that businesses in search of these skills can find the right outsourcer for every need. 

The challenge: Give managers relevant information to optimize staffing for current and future projects

With the growing complexity of business environments and systems, today’s managers need to draw on a network of skilled professionals to successfully implement their plans and achieve their business objectives—often under tight deadlines. At the same time, purchasing departments are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing operational efficiency. They need clear information about the skills available in the market—and the cost of those skills—to make appropriate decisions.

The web company wants to be able to give businesses a comprehensive view of the skills available in the market at any given time, along with the cost of those skills. It also wants to let businesses track the trends in these factors over time. To offer these services, it turned to the big data analytics capabilities provided by Panoratio.

Panoratio lets users generate consolidated, actionable views of vast amounts of market data

With Panoratio, the web platform will be able to quickly consolidate all available information and turn it into easy-to-read charts and tables for decision-making.

Today the web platform has more than 70,000 users, including 55,000 freelancers with detailed profile information (like skills, project experience, education, location, rates, and availability) and 15,000 businesses. All this information constitutes a huge volume of data that cannot yet be consolidated into comprehensive standard reports.

Panoratio’s report-generating capabilities will be integrated into the web platform, meaning the web company will be able to offer the reports as an additional online service to businesses.

Because the web platform data were incorporated into Panoratio early on in the project, the project team was able to quickly spot the changes needed to make the data more precise and relevant for future analyses.

This data optimization phase is being carried out over three months. It will increase the overall quality of the web platform’s data, providing a better source of information to build from.

With the appropriate data analytics and drill-down approach provided by Panoratio, procurement managers will be able to make informed decisions based on a consolidated view of the market and detailed business perspectives for a mix of skills and geographies.

Panoratio extends big data analytics to strategic prospective visions.

Panoratio uses all sources of customer data to provide not only global insight on both multiple and specific skills such as DB administration and Solaris—but also, and more importantly, an understanding of the underlying trends. For instance, procurement managers will be able to see if the supply of a given skill is growing or becoming scarce, especially in a specific region, and the trend in rates for that skill.

Such prospective analytics is crucial to strategic decision-making. And it will become increasingly valuable with time as more data are consolidated.

The service that the web company will be able to offer businesses thanks to Panoratio will play a vital role in helping large organizations optimize the relationship between purchasing departments and other business units, like IT—thereby boosting the organizations’ overall performance.

As a result, the web platform’s new service will let IT and other business unit managers improve their project planning, and empower procurement managers to create an effective support center for other departments across the organization.

Panoratio: a true partner for building a value-added customer service

Panoratio consultants have been working closely with the web company since the very start of the project, to understand its needs and act as a proactive business partner. The goal is to offer the best possible solution so that the web platform can provide a genuine value-added service to its customers.

Panoratio’s iterative approach means that its consultants will build the right solution and develop the necessary capabilities step-by-step, within the web company’s limited timeframe.

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