6 Levels of Big Data Analytics Applications

Big Data Analytics Applications provide you with a direct and complete view of your data.
Level 1 – Descriptive Big Data Analytics
This is the first benefit of big data analytics: They consolidate all of your data, including  internal and external data, structured data (files and databases).

Big, small or complex data?

A Business Perspective for Business Value
Working with large volumes of heterogeneous data can lead to confusion and very high costs.
By definition, “big data” involves large volumes of diverse data sources. Considering all the data that your activities generate and that 99% of this data is irrelevant.

Big Data as a Service (BDAAS) for Customer Actionable Insights

How to implement new customer services based on customer journey and expectation Facing a new breed of demanding consumers, new challenges arise: you have to provide the right offer adapted to each one's expectations, at the right time. Taking a dynamic approach to how you consider all.

Big Data Implementation: 5 keys to make it easy!

Easy Big Data Implementation creates 
a tool for solving complex business issues, based on the exploration of all the data you already have in your information systems
– by fully exploiting the links between 
all your data.

5 keys to easy big data implementation

1 - Easy big.